Our cultural heritage essay

Seeing a dance show we can say that this is Indian dance, we can see a play and can say immediately the life style of the Indian society is being staged. Astrology and Astronomy were quite popular in ancient India.

But there are certain common links which act as threads and prove unity among diversity. No doubt, we are on the way to assimilating the culture of the West, our Hindu civilisation will retain its continuity.

The people were fairly advance and had access to public baths, neat and clean houses good towns with wide roads and other best facilities.

Essay on Cultural Heritage of India

Indian art was influenced by the religious beliefs and the philosophical trends of the times. The Bhagwad Gita will always inspire men of action and the Upnishads, men of thought. The origin of classical dances are the Hindu temples.

Indian music is remarkable because of the continuity in its growth. The British Raj to a certain extent was responsible for the revival of intellectual curiosity.

There is a harmonious blend of art, religion and philosophy in the India cultural. One identifies herself or himself with hers or his heritage, which gives a sense of pride.

475 Words Essay on our heritage (India)

The origin of classical dances is attributed to the Hindu temples. Sometime a question arises in everybody's mind that why we should worry about the conservation about our so called old, out-dated buildings, their remains, cultural heritage and other similar things.

These were mainly performed on platforms raised in temple courtyards and palaces. It was also in the temples that they attained their full stature.

Cultural Heritage of India – Essay

Traditionally, tolerance of all faiths is a part of our cultural heritage. Indian music has had great impact on the Western music. And whose heritage is it?

Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, c.Read and learn for free about the following article: What is Cultural Heritage?

Essay On Our Cultural Heritage

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Essay On Our Cultural Heritage

My Account. Your search returned over essays - It is our cultural heritage that determines how we interact with different people. Cultural heritage is learned through the techniques of our parents, peer groups, schools, religious institutions, government agencies, media, and/or.

Check Out Our Cultural Heritage Essay Cultural heritage is the legacy and intangible attributes of certain members of the society that are inherited from past generations. Essay on our cultural heritage.

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My favourite teacher short essay about life. Our Cultural Heritage India’s cultural heritage is a harmonious blending of an, religion and philosophy which is unique in the world. Some 4, years before the birth of Christ, the first- stirring of civilization occurred amongst the people of India.

Our cultural heritage essay
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