Chartres cathedral

Thousands of pilgrims travel to it on foot, saying the rosary, to hear the timeless words of the old Mass Chartres cathedral this darkly glowing interior. Later medieval insistence that Christianity came to Chartres as early as the 1st century AD was bound up with local legends focused on the cult.

The canons started their religious services in the building as early as The cathedral is Chartres cathedral metres ft in length, and its nave is As the purpose of the sculptures was to preach and instruct, they mainly depict scenes and figures from the Old and New Testaments.

The archivolts feature the signs of the zodiac and the labours of the months. This triple portal there is the oldest of the three portals of Chartres Cathedral. This chamber, known as the Lubinus Crypt named after the mid-6th-century Bishop of Chartresis lower than the rest of the crypt and may have been the shrine of a local saint, prior to the church's rededication to the Virgin.

Chartres Cathedral

All the light is filtered through stained glass, so that the whole experience of visiting the Chartres Cathedral seems out of this world. Economy[ edit ] Chartres is one of the most important market towns in the region of Beauce known as "the granary of France".

Since the French Revolution, the bell tower does not longer contain a bell. The present cathedral was constructed on the foundations of the earlier church and consecrated in Its last narrow escape from total destruction occurred on a warm June night inwhen an unexplained fire destroyed the roof timbers and melted the lead.

The Revolutionary Committee decided to blow the building up and asked a local master mason architect to organize it. According to tradition, this veil was the shirt that Mary wore during the Annunciation.

Chartres: Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Summary Chartres Cathedral, perhaps even more so than Notre-Dame Cathedral in Parisis generally considered to be the greatest and best preserved example of Gothic architecture in France.

The Chartres Cathedral is a milestone in the development of Western architecture because it employs all the structural elements of the new Gothic architecture: The north portal, containing more than figures, shows the antecedents of Christ, the south the era of the church.

The Great Organ, occupying a 15th-century loft, was restored completely in Anne holding an infant Mary. In the cathedral acquired the Sancta Camisa, believed to be the tunic worn by Mary at the time of Christ's birth.

The burning down of the Romanesque structure and then the first Gothic structure, meant that the new cathedral was entirely Gothic, harmonious, balanced and all of a piece.

The steep, narrow streets of the old town contrast with the wide, shady boulevards which encircle it and divide it from the suburbs.

The lintel depicts the Twelve Apostles while the archivolts portray the 24 Elders of the Apocalypse. The latter were lightened in appearance with niches filled with sculptures.The Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres), located in Chartres, about 50 miles from Paris, is considered one of the world's finest examples of the Gothic style of in the twelfth century, the cathedral established several new architectural features and pioneered new techniques for.

Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral

Chartres was the first cathedral to use flying buttresses extensively. At the time of its building, it had the tallest roof in the Western world (about 38 metres). Architects began constructing the first Gothic cathedral at Chartres after its Romanesque predecessor was destroyed by fire in Unfortunately most of the new church, except for its crypt and western facade, was also gutted by fire inwhereupon construction began on the present structure.

The Chartres Cathedral is a milestone in the development of Western architecture because it employs all the structural elements of the new Gothic architecture: the pointed arch; the rib-and-panel vault; and, most significantly, the flying buttress.

Chartres (French pronunciation:) is a commune and capital of the Eure-et-Loir department in is located 96 km (60 mi) southwest of polonyauniversitem.comes is famous world-wide for its constructed between andthis Gothic cathedral is in an exceptional state of preservation.

Sep 14,  · This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its high-Gothic art and architectural style/5(K).

Chartres cathedral
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