A literary analysis and a comparison of my body a wunderkammer by shelley jackson and the house of t

The connotative code, or the semic code of a text, is the area in which Barthes suggests that readers take notice of the major words and images used within a text, exploring their connections and connotations.

Texts written within a certain context will refer to and require understanding of a certain set of standards and beliefs. Benjamin, Russell and Gregory Otha Hall, eds.

From the spoken to the written word and the invention of the printing press, the way we spread words and stories is changing. A reader who did not notice the ironic discourse within the plot, or could not understand the social mores that called for Mrs. Having a solid understanding of the different types of events that comprise any narrative texts can help us to better understand narratives in general.

In science and technologythe Victorians invented the modern idea of invention — the notion that one can create solutions to problems, that man can create new means of bettering himself and his environment.

Romanticism and colonial natural history.

A constituent event cannot be deleted from a narrative without altering the story itself. A Search for Sovereignty: The story can change at any moment. FID can often be easier to recognize when there are noticeable differences in class, education, age, or other markers of how people might speak.

The Crimes of Empire: Change could be due to the agriculture, climate, economic factors, technological advances, etc. In every narrative work, however, spatial elements can also perform much more symbolic work. History, Law, and Rebellion in Colonial Burma.

Narratology and New Media

However, I think that most readers would agree that the implied author within this text is constructing a story that points to the ludicrousness of everyday life in this particular social environment.

As we read the story, our understanding of the central conflict, or agon, of the story, shifts. Picturing Black New Orleans: Once again, no one cares if the poet is sincere or original: Imperialism in Haitian Literatures.

Ansley sit to have their conversation, as this is where the two women are situated at the occasion of telling the story. During every mission, Case continuously monitors Molly through the SimStem switch that is implanted between Case and Molly.

Memories and Silences Haunted by Fascism: I always think of this approach as reactive: We sat down and a woman stepped up to the podium and began telling us stories about her life and the poetry the came out of it.

Ibn Saud and British Imperial Policy, Slade, and, to a lesser degree, Mrs. Her interest, then, in the seeming falsity of outward appearances could be read as criticism on the state of America at the turn of the century, and a warning to reevaluate priorities commonly held as paramount in some upper-class societies.

These features are common to indirect discourse. There are two basic types of focalization, external and internal. Texts written within a certain context will refer to and require understanding of a certain set of standards and beliefs.Apr 08,  · “My Body-a Wunderkammer”, is a hypertext by Shelley Jackson that pushes the reader to interact and choose where they want the story to take them.

The text starts out with a sketch of Jackson’s body with links on different body parts. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein fictionalizes a range of problems unresolved in history so readers can speculate about how to generate a more satisfying response.

In addition to the French Revolution and the difficulty of effective parenting, one problem the novel helps us articulate is ecology. I will become as liberal as you. she cautions her new husband: Let not that doctor e’er come near my house— Since he hath got the jewel that I loved Doubling the riddle.

not my body. As many critics have explored.5/5(1). Božena Slančíková “Timrava” () and her British contemporary Virginia Woolf () wrote scathingly about America without having visited the place.

Timrava’s short story “That Alluring Land” (“Tá zem vábna”) and Woolf’s essay. Shelley Jackson was born in in the Philippines and later became a naturalized United States citizen. Jackson won an Electronic Literature Award in for her piece Patchwork Girl, which was one of the first hyperlinked fictions authored by a woman to achieve critical acclaim.

Jackson writes hypertext, new media literature, and children’s literature, and is an accomplished illustrator. What, then, is Jackson’s “My Body: A Wunderkammer”?

Reading the lexias, one could define this text as a series of related psychological narratives – as we read each lexia we learn more about the protagonist’s feelings towards her own body and the incidents or moments that sparked these feelings.

A literary analysis and a comparison of my body a wunderkammer by shelley jackson and the house of t
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